DeMamaParaMama is a project about the various aspects of breastfeeding, practical, scientific and social. The title, from Portuguese, means "from breast to breast", or, playing with the phonetics of Mama/Mamã, "from mom to mom". It is about the importance of breastfeeding in our human development, physical, emotional, and sociological.


This project is aimed at all breastfeeding moms, and anyone interested in the inherent scientific and psychological processes of its journey(s). In an age where moms still face discrimination for feeding in public, DeMamaParaMama aims to enhance the importance of peer support, and to give a visual voice to the relationships born through the natural practice of human nurture, translated by the ancient craft of Quilting.


Research, discussions, and work in progress updates can be found in the project's blog and Facebook page.



OPEN CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS for a workshop taking place on the 28/29th October. The aim is to produce a collaboration piece around breastfeeding. This will be the first of a few within this project.

For more information, please contact, or via the Facebook page



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